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Svatá Hora (Holy Mountain) upon Příbram

Svatá Hora upon Příbram in the Czech Republic pertains to well known central European pilgrimage sites. The pilgrim church with cloisters and the residence were built by Jesuit order during 1658 – 1675 on the place of an old small chapel. Amount of artists, craftsmen and artificers participated in the embellishment of the site. The leading role fell to architects Benjamin Šlejer and Carlo Lurago. The Jesuits have built the roofed stairway, which steers from the town of Příbram to Svatá Hora. A great bohemian baroque architect Kilián Ignác Dienzenhofer made the plans of this stairway. Some small tectonic adaptations continued during next centuries.
We would like to present a new publication, which displays Svatá Hora in words and pictures. Kind reader finds here over 80 colour photographies of the pilgrimage site, the artificial decoration, the historical things and the environs. Illustrative descriptions accompany the pictures and the history of Svatá Hora is rendered on 10 pages.

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It would be pleasure for us if you have an interest in the small book. It is possible to order it at the publisher - Knihkupectví – Antikvariát – Galerie Olšanská & Hyšpler, Pražská 128, 261 01 Příbram, Czech Repuplic, Europe,, telephone +420 306 27479, fax +420 306 27481


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